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Working Mothers - Happy mom holding sleeping baby
"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

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Working Mothers
Women often want both the joys and fulfillment that come from being a mother and having a career. However, being a working mother is difficult because it pulls you in so many different directions. Our society is very different now, and the roles we are called on to fulfill are numerous. When we try to meet everyone's needs and expectations, we often feel guilty because there are always things we miss, or forget, or do not accomplish on a deeper level. However, no one else can effectively fulfill both roles. Mothers are needed to provide comfort, nurturing, hope, encouragement, and a heartfelt hug. We also need to set limits and boundaries and discipline. All this among the myriad of homework, dinner, exercise, reading, cleaning, laundry and extracurricular activities!

I remember sitting and rocking my baby late at night, thinking I felt more emotion in those moments than I had ever experienced. I was profoundly grateful for the love of this little baby and for the overwhelming feelings that he inspired in me. At the same time, I was more tired than I had ever been, and I thought it was so unfair to be given such a wonderful gift and to be so tired at the same time.

Mothers are pulled in so many directions that it is difficult to have quiet time just to think. Coaching can allow this by setting aside time just for you - to think, contemplate and gain insight through the powerful questions which coaches ask.

How Coaching Can Help Benefits
It is important to find balance and peace in both of these worlds, and to care for the working mother. Coaching offers that special time, place and person to address these issues. A little time and quiet can have a tremendous impact on your life through the changes that insight from coaching can bring.

The joy that motherhood brings - that feeling of absolute power, gratitude and humility, which comes from rocking your child alone in the dark, is so often challenged by the demands of daily life. And when that child comes at a time in your life when your career is developing or already established, the conflicting emotions can be intense. Coaching allows the space and time to resolve these conflicts and establish terms with which you are comfortable.

Because coaching involves making a commitment, just the simple act of setting aside the time for your coaching appointment results in ensuring that you have the time to think and contemplate. The coach asks powerful questions which can lead to a new understanding, insight, or a totally different perception. This is what I love about coaching - this sense of rebirth and empowerment that comes from helping you attune your new goals to your heartfelt values.

Coaching can help you to value who you are and what you do. You are such an important person, and it is wonderful to really feel this inside you - in your heart.

  • Develop a balance in your life
  • Find a way to have peace with your decision to have both a career and be a mother
  • Resolve those feelings of guilt
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Create time for everyone - including yourself
  • Learn to prioritize the demands of daily life
  • Accomplish what is truly important to you

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