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Parents of children with ADHD - Happy mom and son
"Your capacity to say 'No' determines your capacity to say 'Yes' to greater things."
E. Stanley Jones

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Parents with ADHD Children
Parenting an ADHD child demands a different type of parenting. It is hands on, more interactive and more challenging, placing demands on the family that can leave it reeling. Parents often feel relief when a diagnosis is given. However, then a sense of being overwhelmed and of fear can develop. How do you change your life so your ADHD child can be successful?

How Coaching Can Help Benefits
Coaching offers a time to consider these questions, work through the emotions which are raised, and to find the answers.

In a world where there are so many different demands, parenting is often not something we think about. However, when faced with the diagnosis of ADHD in your child, you now have to think about parenting - what works, what doesn't and what your child needs to be successful.

Coaching can help you, as the parent, ask the right questions and discover the right answers for your child.

Coaching can teach parents how to effectively parent their children in a positive and encouraging manner.

  • Educate parents and children about ADHD and its implications
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Develop a plan for success at school
  • Work successfully with your child's teachers
  • Discuss ADHD and treatment options with your child's doctors
  • Learn how to teach organizational skills to your child
  • Practice specific ADHD parenting techniques
  • Address Social Skills
  • Feel in control in your parenting role

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